12 11 / 2011

As many of you probably know, I was too busy the past two weeks and I will be very busy in the following 4~5 weeks, depending on how I will spend my Christmas break and all. 

The Progress so far: translation has been done for 29 and pretty much of the timing too.

I am very late, I know that. That’s why I finally asked Evil of Darkness if she’d like to fix the timing and she’s very happy about doing it. This makes me very happy in return ^^

I will probably start to translate episode 30 today, depending on when I’m done today. 

I received many messages lately, with questions about the password and link to the episodes:
As soon as the announcement “Episode XXX is ready and out” you can ask for the password here or join the group on facebook.

I addition I want to let you know that there already is another sub group who managed to bring up episode 20 with an English sub. I don’t know wheather where it is to find nor who that person was. I found that person rather passive-aggressive when he/she wrote us a message here, and I quote:
"If you are keeping your stuff exclusive, we’re doing it. Just to let you know."

First: I am keeping it as ‘exclusive’ as I wanted to right in the beginning. If a friend of mine didn’t say that I should put it out on Dailymotion, we’d never have done it.

Second: Everyone can join the Facebook group or ask for the link/pw here on tumblr. What’s the problem with that and what’s so exclusive about it?(I wrote annoying people’s names down, who can get the pw or link from friends or anyone who wants to share. The only thing I don’t want them to have is contact with me - deal with it. I don’t want to have contact with people who get personal.)

Third: One of several reasons for me to keep the sub ‘exclusive’ is also the license-thingy. Remember? 4kids does have it, TV-Tokyo has it and I don’t want to get into their super vision, Evil of Darkness doesn’t want that either.

Fourth: I don’t know why that person wanted to let me know. I don’t care at all. I don’t need subs, remember? I do them and be sure there’s a bunch of people out there who sub this series without leting the other one know because they simply don’t care if you exist or not. No matter if you sub ZeXal or not, I will continue the subbing because it is a good training to get routines and stuff :O
Think of it, I will sub MaguMara Musical just because I can, no matter if it already has been subbed or not.

So Mr. Unknown, I don’t remember your name and I didn’t answer you in public to spare you to be seen on this page.

Good luck and have fun with subing ZeXal because that what matters :)
But I really don’t care.

Expect TCS ZeXal 29 online during the weekend.

- Ruki -

01 11 / 2011

So, since there was a lot of trouble lately, I will now make major changes for the releases of Team Catshark subs. I will explain things more detailed in the latter part of this blog entry.

From now on, the sub will not be released on this page nor will it be uploaded on Dailymotion or shared open on Facebook. No.
The sub will be uploaded either on MU or other sharing sites but password protected.
People who want the sub have to take contact with me or Evil of Darkness and get the passwort. Then you can normally download it. People are then free to upload them on other pages as much as they want to or not. Btw. people are free to share the password too.
Why this complicated?
Because I will handle it like this from now on :)

I will treat the sub now as a more private practise on translations. I’m tired of all the smartypants who want to tell my how to transcribe katakana or how to put things.
Evil of Darkness told me yesterday, that she agrees with me, she’s annoyed by people’s complaining about sizes, encoding and a lot of shit too. 1. there will not be another format, no. 2. we can’t do anything about the size, sorry, don’t like it? Well, your personal problem.

Even RenRen asked me yesterday why the hell I’m even continuing if people know Japanese better anyway oô Well, all of your super smart complainers, if you know better do your fucking sub on your own or make love to another sub. You are the fuck not forced to watch ours :) And excuse my pretty bad language right now, but as I said I am the hell tired of it, so well I’ll continue in with this is entry.

So, yeah, right why the heck should I continue?
I wrote about that yesterday and I won’t re-write everything that botheres me, RenRen, Atowaito (before she quit) here.
The best solution was that we put handle things as Atowaito and me planned to do
in the very beginning. Only give the sub to people who really want it instead of putting it everywhere.
That was in fact the most stupid idea we ever had, share it everywhere on the internet :D But we were unexperienced little children when it comes to that, so we didn’t know better.

So why won’t I quit compleatly?
That’s pretty easy, because I want to practise.

The other thing is that I don’t want to disappoint people who really appreciated our work and really were alright with what we do :)

Be sure, the sub will be on this week too between Wednesday and Sunday.
Oh, and yes when it’s up anywhere I will annouce it here so it won’t be nessecary for you to make the effort of writing an ask with “When is the sub out?”.

I hope this will make every single part happy enough. I’m done.

30 10 / 2011

inkyleaf-deactivated20130927 said: Hey Team Catshark! I just wanted to point 2 little minor details about the ZEXAL subs. I love love LOVE you guys for subbing ZEXAL, don't get me wrong here - I'm crazy for Yugioh. But I just have 2 little things I want to point out about your subs to make them more accurate: You translate Number 17 as "Revise Dragon." Revise Dragon was a fan translation a long looong time ago; the actual name of the monster is "Leviath Dragon." Revise and Leviath sound almost identical in Japanese accents. (con)

Dear Electoblade, we are happy to hear that you like our subs, but I have to tell you, that we will NEVER NEVER EVER stick to the wanna-be translations like “Leviathan Dragon” or “XYZ”-Summon. In case you didn’t know, were to lazy to scroll down the page in order to realize that we already have stated that we NEVER EVER will use those terms, but stick to the ORIGINAL JAPANESE TERMS. It is too redicukous of American- and who ever did think of making stupid alternative names. Revise Dragon is NOT a fan made translation, the card is actually CALLED Revise Dragon in Japanese and it already IS an English name so we will use it.
We will not use stupid English terms, we love Japanese and only make it more understandable for those who can’t understand it.
Sorry if this sounds mean, we are really happy that people like our Subs, but please scroll through the page first before making us write things for a hundreth time.
And no, it didn’t help at all, because we know the difference between stupid dub-terms and the Japanese original.

29 10 / 2011

29 10 / 2011

It’s subbed and hopefully timed correctly (I had some troubles with the program today o_O), but Evil will do the edit from now on ^o^

22 10 / 2011

Ruki did arrive savely in Norway again and is sad that she couldn’t stay there. Looks quite forward to a _possible_but no desided yet_ stay in Germany throughout December~Januarary after her Chinese Laguage Exam on December 4th xD Just wanted to spam you guys :)

I don’t know if you guys want to hear some or other things about my stay, but I’ll write about that in my own tumblr. I think x’D

20 10 / 2011

[TeamCatshark]Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal - 27.mp4

All up to be downloaded and watched^^


19 10 / 2011

  • translation with tips from Ryouga   Done
  • Japanese language check from RenRen Done
  • looking over again  Done
  • English language check (spelling, grammar etc.)
  • encoding
  • upload

I think you’ll get the episode sooner as I expected.
Or you expected ^-^!

Have fun while waiting for episode 27 ^~^

14 10 / 2011

[Team Catshark]Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal - 26.mp4

I had gotten up a bit earlier than usual to get this out earlier. Hope there’s no more problems.



13 10 / 2011

Noticed the ep is a bit wonky in the middle of it, I’ll fix it. Hold up. ~EoD